Nassington Dig, Day 2, 20 August 2017

Derek started the day with an explanation of the different features we found last year, with the help of a coloured sketch map. We continued cleaning backward towards the eastern edge of the excavation, which had been extended from last year, so we could see what was going on around the entrance. We kept the site sheeted as much as possible during the hottest parts of the day, and overnight, as the clay soon baked hard in the sun, and was even harder to dig.


Explaining last year's findings
Derek explains last year's findings
A group of diggers on hands and knees lined up across the site trowelling back
Ten o'clock and sun is blazing down on the diggers
Buckets upturned and digging equipment neatly stacked as the diggers retir efor morning tea
11 o'clock and time for tea already
Shovelling soil from the site, stright onto the spoil heap
David shows us how soil should slip off a shovel, all in one lump
A kneeling row of smiling diggers
Sharing a joke, dunno what they're laughing at though
The photographer being photographed
Oh, may be it was Gill, snapping me
Three trays of freshly washed pottery and bone finds out in the sun to dry
The first trays of finds out to dry
Two diggers standing, appraising their work so far
Just another few metres to the baulk
Diggers huddle around a find tray to see the lastest find
The inevitable huddle around a find
Plastic sheeting covering most of the excavation trench, held down wth large stones
Keeping the site covered

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