Nassington Dig, Day 1,

Once again, the crop was off just a couple of days beforehand, but this time we hired in a slightly more powerful digger and dumper to deal with the topsoil stripping.


All smiles after the struggle to put the tents up in blustery conditiions
Checking out the tents
A tea urn on a table in a field, powered by a   generator underneath
Getting a brew on, MidNAG style
A tea urn on a table, in front of two tents
Some shelter and a drink station for the diggers
A small digger stripping topsoil into a dumper to be put on spoilheaps
Topsoil stripping at midday
People arranging tables and paerwork for administering the excavation
Beginning to sort out the admin
A row of people clearing topspoil off the terram (geotextile) protecting the site
Tidying up after the machine
Diggers clearing topsoil from the geotextile protecting the site
Near the end of the day, the geotextile over the site was cleared of soil
Diggers gathering up equipment ina wheelbarrow
Time to pack up
Diggers reflecting on a good rays work
Home time
A man barrowing equipment off the site
When clearing the equipment off the site, a barrow is best

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