Nassington Dig, Day 5, 23 August 2017

Once again, the day dawned rather damp and overcast, and as most of the cleaning back was done, it was time to take the covers off and see how the site had fared over the winter under its geotextile cover. In the south-west corner, we had found a stoned surface while neatening up the edges of last year's excavation, and some ceramic (CBM) and natural building materials: some box-flue tile and roof slates made with Collyweston Slate.


A modern drain cutting through the north wall of the building at an acute angle
Modern drain found last year being cleaned out after a winter under the soil
Panoramic view of the site from the south-west corner
Overview from the south-west corner
Overview of the site from the south-western corner
View from the south-west on the spoil heap
Diggers working in the southern part of the site
View along the southern edge of the site
Diggers working along the northern wall of the building
View along the northern wall
Diggers working in the northern part of the site
View from the eastern edge with pit-like features, and plough scuffs in darker soil
Excavation form last year alongside south wall backfilled with stone
Last years excavation outside the south wall was backfilled with stones to prevent damage and make it easy to re-excavate
View along the line of the east wall
East wall with entrance (parallel to ranging pole) where rubble alongside it is missing
Close-up of the small structure attached to the outside of the east wall
A small 'porch'-like structure seemingly attached to the east wall either side of the entrance
Close-up of one side of the 'porch' foundations attached to the east wall
What looked like a small room on the north side of the 'porch'
A stoned surface along the southern edge of the excavation
Close-up of the stone surface showing tile included
Stone surface containing CBM, slates, tile

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