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Middle Nene Archaeological Group

MidNAG Events

Venue for lectures

Unless otherwise stated, all our lectures are held in Oundle Methodist Church, Drumming Well Lane, Oundle, Northamptonshire, PE8 4AA

Lectures start at 7:30pm, and a small charge of £2 per person is made for non-members.

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Exhibition about the excavations at Nassington

The exhibition cabinet in Oundle Museum displaying maps, plans and artefacts from the excavations

1st March to 30th October 2020


Venue: Oundle Museum now has a small exhibition with some of the artefacts found during our excavations at Nassington in 2016-2019, including

  • an ox-skull found at the bottom of an Iron Age ditch
  • a large, partially reconstructed, mortarium
  • part of a jet bracelet, with a very similar design to others found at Hungate, York
  • part of a child's copper bracelet
  • quernstones
  • plus, aerial photos and geophysical survey plots and interpretations, and
  • a summary of the excavations so far

Head upstairs to see the exhibition, opposite the Remand Cell. The Museum also has plenty of other archaeological exhibits, especially from Ashton Roman town, just outside Oundle itself.

Read the interim report on the excavations in 2016-2018 (PDF, 100KB)

Venue: Oundle, Northamptonshire.

The mediaeval wall paintings of Longthorpe Tower, Peterborough

A view of the ouside of Longthorpe Tower and of the wall painting of 'The Three Living and the Three Dead'

Speaker: Stuart Orme

7:30PM on Friday, 27 March 2020


Sorry folks, with just under two weeks to go, and government ramping up anti-Coronavirus advice, the almost inevitable has become the actual, and we are postponing this event. Hopefully, we can reschedule it later this year.

The wall paintings in Longthorpe Tower were uncovered in the Great Chamber of the house in 1946 and are one of the most complete and important sets of 14th-century domestic wall paintings in northern Europe. This varied 'spiritual encyclopaedia' of worldly and religious subjects includes the Wheel of Life, the Nativity and King David. Now under the care of English Heritage and managed by Vivacity, the tower is the only part of the original house complex which is open to the public.

Venue: Oundle Methodist Church

Annual General Meeting

Middle Nene Archaeological Group

7:00PM on Friday, 1st May 2020


We wil conduct the businesss of the group, elect any new officers etc.

Venue: Oundle Methodist Church

Roman textiles - a miscellany

Gynaeceum scene: women weaving. Detail from an Attic black-figure epinetron

Speaker: John-Peter Wild, MidNAG President

7:30PM on Friday, 1st May 2020


Venue: Oundle Methodist Church

Excavation at Nassington - Cancelled

A Roman dog skeleton laid out at the top of a trench, found in the 2019 excavations


15th August 2020 to 28th August 2020


We are sad to announce that we are cancelling the 2020 dig, as we consider we are unable to meet government guidelines for this activity and keep everyone involved safe and well. We do hope to be able to arrange another geophysical survey in adjoining areas later this year, to help build the picture of landscape development, and give us some more targets for next year.

Watch the site for info on opportunities for volunteer diggers at our fifth season of excavations in an Iron Age and Roman agricultural landscape around Nassington.

Venue: Nassington, Northamptonshire

You can find more of MidNAG's activities on the past events listing.

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