Nassington Dig, Day 2, 14 August 2016

The real work began, clearing back the remnants of the topsoil and subsoil over the excavation area. With enough diggers on site, we divided the area into two with a string line from east to west, and got them started on either side, cleaning backward towards the edges of the excavation. Over the day, much of the south, and a small part of the north wall of the building came into view, confirming the interpretation of the geophysical survey from 2015. Even from these early photos, the difference between the cleaner materials near the surface in the northern half, and the black ashy material in and around the southern side was apparent. Plenty of pot and bone started coming up almost immediately, and the race was on for the pot-washers to keep up with the flow.


The excavation trench from the east with tarpaulin over the centre of the building
The ghost of the building's south wall pokes through the subsoil
A group of doiggers sits listening to a toolbx-talk on site safety
David gives the diggers an induction to keep them safe
The diggers stand at the edge of the excavation trench listening to instructions
Site director Derek gives our volunteer diggers some instructions
Two groups of people along a string line, trowelling backwards in opposite directions
First-stage cleaning back of the site to remove the last topsoil
The excavation trench from the south-west corner, devoid of the diggers on their tea-break
The lure of tea and biscuits proves too strong
View of the excavation trench from the west, with a string dividing the site into two working area
Site divided in two by a string, each group works backwards, away from each other
View of the excavation trench from the south-west cornr, with two groups of diggers working either side of it
I'm cleaning backwards for Christmas
A part of a bowl is exposed near the cente of the excavation
The first finds appear at the base of the top-soil
View of the excavation from the east with stonework and walls beginning to show up
Stonework starts to be exposed
Archaeologists in discussion over the west wall of the bulding
Around afternoon tea, the south wall really becomes clear
View of the freshly revealed south wall from the east
View along the south wall from the east
Diggers line up along the eastern edge of the excavation are thanked for their hard work
Derek summarises the day - good job guys
Close up of a circular stonework feature with burnet and reddened material inside it, near the eastern end of the building
Circular stonework feature at near the eastern end of the building
View along the north wall from the easterm end
The north wall in the eastern corner
An aerial view of the site
Overhead view of the expanded excavation area

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