Nassington Dig, Day 1, 13 August 2016

The crop was off just a couple of days beforehand, and we were lucky to have the free use of a small digger to remove the topsoil, which was very tough and clayey.


The location of the site is measured from a plot of a geophysical survey
Dig there; Bob measures out the place to start based on the geophys
A surveying instrument sited over a tape measure along one edge of the filed
First job, set out the baseline
Man pointing to a spot on the ground for a digger driver to start excavationg
Start here: site director Derek points out the spot for the first sod to be cut
Topsoil is stripped off by a small digger
Take a bit more off
Man checking what the machine has uncovered by careful spade work
Tidying up after the machine
A group of people joking about how a gazebo should be erected
Look, we have instructions
Man in fluorescent jacker watching over the topsoil stripping
The topsoil stripping continues
A gazebo shelter for the diggers is nearly erected
Second job, get some shelter up
A woman holding onto a pole for a gazebo
Well this is easy
A text being erected
We did this all by ourselves
A group of people discussing the progress of he exvacation
Two hours in, and the first argument conference takes place
People sitting under a gazebo having a picnic
Testing out the gazebo
People using spades to make a clean edge to the excavation
Neatening up the edge of the excavation by hand
A discussion takes place as the excavted area grows
Does this match the geophysics?
Woman holding buscuit tin
Can I have a biscuit, Gill
Close up of biscuits in a biscuit tin
Want one of these?
Brushing down the area stripped of topsoil
Tidying up at the end of the first day
A kite (bird of prey) hovers above a drone while it photographs the site
A kite takes an interest in our drone
An aerial view of the site
I'm sure there was a method in this madness

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