Annual Dinner, 19th November 2011

On 19 November, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a Roman style Annual Dinner.

A big thank-you to all who bought, prepared, cooked, set the tables, served, and cleared up again afterwards. Watch out for a recipe or two here soon.


A display of Roman style kitchen ware by Shirley
Roman style kitchen wares
The Christmas Slug, rendered in marzipan
The Christmas Slug
Pomengrates and other fruit in a bowl
Fruit for afters
3 ladies in Roman style dress
3 high status ladies...
3 ladies checking their photo on a camera
...check themselves out.
A table of revellers
John appears to regret the first course
Diners sip honeyed wine
Olive samples the mulsum
The table laid out with leaf and candle decoration
Some more revellers
A replic Roman domestic shrine and statuettes
Shirley's shrine